Vaccine Information

Blue Earth County's Efforts

Blue Earth County Public Health's efforts are underway to provide COVID-19 vaccinations.  There continues to be a very limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine in Minnesota. The vaccine distribution system in Minnesota involves multiple vaccination providers, including health care providers/health systems, local public health agencies, pharmacies and community vaccinator programs. 

Public Health has been working hard to vaccinate healthcare workers, EMS, and others in the Priority Groups according to guidance from MDH. 

Based on updated State guidance, vaccine can be offered to a broader category of Minnesotans, including those age 65 and older. 

It will take some time before the federal government provides the state with enough vaccine to cover all those currently eligible. In the meantime, we ask for your patience. Public health will notify residents when we have vaccine and are able to move to vaccinating the broader category.

Vaccine from Blue Earth County Public Health is currently only available by appointment.

Looking Ahead

Please be patient. Eventually all people who want a vaccine will be able to access it. We encourage people to remain patient as more vaccine arrives in the weeks and months ahead. Currently, we are asking that patients do not call their local healthcare provider or community health & human services requesting vaccine.

Health officials from Blue Earth County will communicate with you when it’s time to schedule your vaccine. Information will be provided in a variety of ways, including (but not limited too) – newspaper, radio, social media, websites and by sharing information through community partners.

MN COVID-19 Vaccine Connect Tool

The Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector is a tool that helps Minnesotans find out when, where, and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine. After you fill out a simple form, the Vaccine Connector will:

  • alert you when you are eligible to receive a vaccine;
  • connect you to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment; and
  • notify you if there are vaccine opportunities in your area.

Visit the MN Department of Health's website below to sign up:

Vaccine Data

The MN Department of Health is tracking data on vaccine administration throughout the State.  The state-wide data can be viewed on their website.  Blue Earth County specific data can also be viewed on the site. 

Vaccine Distribution and Administration

The MN Department of Health has a website that explains how a vaccine gets from the federal government, into an arm, and reported back to the State of Minnesota.  That information can be found here:

COVID-19 Vaccine approved under the Emergency Use Authorization

Vaccines help your body build up the ability to fight off a virus. A vaccine may not prevent you from getting COVID-19 virus but may keep you from becoming seriously ill or developing complications due to illness.

• If you have a history of severe allergic reactions not related to vaccines or injectable medications, you may still get a COVID-19 vaccine. You should be monitored for 30 minutes after getting the vaccine.

• Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine even if I’ve already had COVID-19? Getting COVID-19 might offer some natural protection or immunity from reinfection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, it is not clear how long this protection lasts. Because reinfection is possible and COVID-19 can cause severe medical complications, it's recommended that people who have already had COVID-19 get a COVID-19 vaccine.

• Can I stop taking safety precautions after getting a COVID vaccine? Experts are still learning more about the protection that a COVID-19 vaccine provides and how long immunity lasts. Current guidelines are still necessary and may be adjusted when more is known. Factors such as how many people get vaccinated, and how the virus is spreading in communities, will also affect these recommendations.

• Continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask properly outside your home, wash your hands frequently, stay home if you are sick, and follow recommendations provided by the state.

This video answers common questions about how COVID-19 vaccines were tested, made, and approved.

Volunteer Opportunity

Blue Earth County Public Health may utilize the Minnesota Responds lists to activate volunteers needed for vaccinator or support roles. If you would be interested in volunteering your time and skills to support MN’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, please register at Minnesota Responds: