Individual Assistance Grants

The Blue Earth County Human Services Department implemented a plan which supports qualifying individuals and families in our county who have experienced specific hardship directly due to the impact of COVID-19. These targeted supports use one-time and short-term resources dedicated to this defined purpose.

On August 11th the County Board Authorized a plan for 6 targeted areas of service which includes issuing 5 Request for Proposals.

The summary of the focus areas are as follows:

Strategy  Grant Recipient or Fund Administrator Approved Amount Link to More Details Deadline
A1: Emergency Assistance Blue Earth County Financial Assistance $314,081.00 Emergency Assistance Information Nov 2020 or until funds are utilized.
*A2: Housing Assistance Grants Current Housing Assistance Administrators  $100,000.00 5:00 PM on Sept 14, 2020
*A3: Housing Provider Grants  Housing Providers $200,000.00 Housing Provider Grant Information 5:00 PM on Sept 21, 2020
*B: Community Food Provider Grants Food Support Entities  $100,000.00 Food Provider Grant Information Bi-weekly review, through Oct 30, 2020, or until funding is exhausted.
*C: Transportation Access Grants  Transportation Provider  $8,000.00 Transportation Provider Grant Information 5:00 PM on Sept 27, 2020
*D: Mental/Emotional Health Support Grants Long Term Care Facilities $100,000.00 Mental/Emotional Health Support Grant Information Bi-weekly review, through Oct 30, 2020, or until funding is exhausted.
*Indicates Request for Proposal to be Issued. Select the Link to More Details for more information. 

Request for Proposal Details

  • Each of the 5 RFP’s will be individually outlined for community responses. 
  • Criteria for scoring will be established before the RFP’s are formally published.
  • Responses will be reviewed and scored according to a standardized process.
  • Awards will be announced as soon as possible after the posted deadline for each RFP has passed.
  • The county reserves the right to repost any RFP if initial responses do not appropriately or adequately address the core goals of each published RFP.
  • The county also reserves the right to proactively adjust the allocation of CARES money if necessary, based on the course of the pandemic and the priority of needs in the community before the end of the year.
  • Our goal is to distribute all the funds within the 5 dedicated areas approved by the Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact or 507-304-4227.