Training Requirements

Training for Applicants

  • Child Growth & Development/Behavior Guidance (one of the following ways): 
    • One 4-hour course: Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance
    • Two 2-hour courses in Knowledge and Competency (KCF) area II.C.
    • Two 2-hour courses (1 KFC I + 1 KFC II.C.)
  • Supervising for Safety (6 or 8 hours)*
  • Pediatric CPR
  • First Aid
  • SUID - Sudden Unexpected Infant Death*
  • AHT - Abusive Head Trauma*
  • C.A.R.S. - Child Passenger Restraint (if going to transport children) 
*Department of Human Services approved trainings only. Trainings can be completed in-person or online and can be accessed on the Develop website

Training for 2nd adult caregivers, substitutes, and helpers

For training requirements for co-applicants, assistant caregivers, substitutes and helpers, please refer to the Additional Caregiver Definitions and Requirements