Recycle Around The Holidays

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Holiday Light Recycling Collection:


January 3rd - 7th 


For more information view map below. 

BLUE EARTH CO. Property & Environmental Resources Office - 2nd Floor of Government Center

410 S. 5th Street
AMBOY244 E. Maine Street
EAGLE LAKE705 Parkway Avenue
GOOD THUNDER130 S. Ewing Street
100 E. Robinson Street
MADISON LAKE525 Main Street
MANKATO10 Civic Center Plaza
MAPLETON104 2nd Avenue NE
PEMBERTON141 4th Street Suite 101
ST CLAIR304 Main Street W. 
VERNON CENTER101 Oak Street N.


The days between Thanksgiving and New Years are when we produce the most waste. There is trash from the holiday parties and get-togethers, waste from the packaging around the gifts we give, and more food waste.

  •  Attempt to not use gift wrap, use alternatives:
    • Newspapers
    • Old Road Maps
    • Cloth
    • Other items that become part of the gift
  • Borrow Recycling Bins for your parties and family events, to make recycling easier.  Call Property + Environmental Resources at 507-304-4251 to make arrangements.

Below is a resource guide on how to properly dispose of holiday waste items:

Recycle Around The Holidays Guide

or visit our Waste Wizard Tool!