Public Notices

Keeping the Public Informed

Blue Earth County is committed to keeping the public informed of county business, through the publishing of County Board minutes, financial reports, public hearing notices, and other information.

A public notice is a notice to residents informing them of county business and/or official action to be taken by the County. Blue Earth County is required by law to publish such notices; such as our intent to enact an ordinance, public hearings for zoning-related matters, financial statements and other general public hearings.

Public Notices required by Statute can be found in the legal section the County's official newspaper for the year. 

Specific publisher bids are required annually for the following types of public notices.

Delinquent Tax List

The Delinquent Tax Lists are published annually in March. If delinquent taxes are not paid and the land and building titles are forfeited, the parcels become tax-forfeited and titles are then vested with the State of Minnesota. More information and a listing of tax-forfeited properties can be found on the Tax Forfeiture website page.

Board of Commissioner Summaries

All information related to Board of Commissioner Meetings can be found on the Board Meeting Information website page which includes agenda packets, minutes and links to Board videos.

Other Department Public Notices

Public notices are distributed for various types of information, in various forms of communication, across County departments related to open houses, bid openings, grant notices, etc. Listed below is the available information on current public notices. Please note that this list is continually being updated and it does not reflect a comprehensive list of all public notices being published by Statute in newspapers.

Where Can I Find This Information?

Each year, at their Organizational Meeting (first meeting in January), the County Board of Commissioners approves bids to comply with the requirements listed above.  The County Board minutes can be accessed on the County website.