Candidate Information

If you're interested in elected office and file for office as a candidate, you'll need to comply with laws and rules related to campaigning.  Use this site to learn more about those steps and requirements. 

First, Become a Candidate
The first official step as an individual interested in elected office is to complete the Affidavit of Candidacy and file for the office. The Blue Earth County Elections Office is the filing official for residents of Blue Earth County for certain state offices, as well as county-level offices.  We are also the filing location for the City of Mankato.  Learn more about filing as a candidate here.

Information and Resources Once You're a Candidate
When you file for office, you're provided with some important papers. We encourage you to review it all. It is the candidate’s (and/or the campaign’s) responsibility to understand all the laws and rules related to running for elected office.

There are many other resources that candidates will likely find helpful.  We encourage you to review this as well.  The information is divided into sections for various elected offices.

All Candidates

Candidates of Federal or State-level Offices
  • Voluntary Disclosure form for federal and state candidates to provide additional information to the Secretary of State.

Candidates for County-level Offices
The Association of Minnesota Counties has created several fact sheets and other information that may be helpful to candidates for county-level positions