Welfare Fraud

Responsibilities & Duties

The Welfare Fraud Unit is a specialized division responsible for investigating cases of suspected fraud and abuses of government funded benefit programs, with the ultimate goal of saving taxpayer dollars. The investigator works directly with Blue Earth County Human Services and the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office.

The majority of cases are referred to the Welfare Fraud Unit for investigation by Blue Earth County Human Services. Those cases involve complaints about benefit recipients earning unreported income, having excess unreported resources, not living at their reported address, and not providing accurate household composition information. To accomplish this, the unit uses a variety of investigative techniques including: field interviews, surveillance, and records checks. Upon completion, the cases are reviewed to determine the course of action to be taken. Where fraud is present, the case may be referred to the Blue Earth County Attorney’s office for review and possible prosecution or the case can be adjudicated via civil action to recoup funds.