Community Engagement

We, at Blue Earth County Public Health, believe that engaging with community members is important to the success of our endeavors. By combining our public health expertise and the community "collective intelligence", we will more accurately identify problems, develop more effective solutions, leverage community resources to create impact and develop new leaders who will advocate for the long-term health of their families and communities.

Community Partners

Our work hinges on being able to successfully partner within our communities. We are fortunate to have a wide array of community partners, including Blue Earth County schools; city and county governments; health care organizations; civic organizations and private businesses - all of whom are dedicated to forming a healthier future for Blue Earth County.

Our focus when working with community partners is on implementing sustainable policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change. We primarily accomplish this in the following 3 ways:
  1. by awarding grants for eligible projects, following guidance and with oversight both internally and from the MN Department of Health
  2. by providing technical assistance and expertise about best practices to support planning and implementation
  3. by facilitating local health promotion initiatives
Our recent grants, partners and initiatives are highlighted below:
  1. Communities
  2. Health Care
  3. Schools
  4. Worksites

Active Communities

  • City of Lake Crystal, grant for sidewalk assessment $18,120
  • City of Mapleton, grant for bike racks and a bike repair station $4,680
  • Greater Mankato Bike & Walk Advocates and Bicycle Alliance of MN, community partners for bicycle safety education & operation of two bike fleets; sponsor of Mankato River Ramble $250 

Community Based Agriculture

  • Living Earth Center (Blue Earth County Community Farm), grant for garden infrastructure fruit trees $4,000

Healthy Food Access

  • Crossroads Campus Ministry at MSU Mankato, grants for food pantry refrigerator and freezer $4,016
  • Fare for All, partner for healthy food access through affordable produce and meat packages
  • Hunger Assistance Network, participate in network of local entities to coordinate efforts and discuss needs
  • Roots Shoots & Boots, facilitate food network efforts committed to addressing healthy, safe, affordable food access in the Mankato and North Mankato area

Reducing Tobacco Use & Exposure

  • American Lung Association MN, participate in coalition efforts to reduce tobacco use and exposure

Community Leadership Team (CLT)

Our work is guided and enhanced by our Community Leadership Team (CLT). Our CLT is comprised of a diverse group of individuals from Blue Earth County schools; city and county governments; health care; civic organizations and private businesses - all of whom are dedicated to forming a healthier future for Blue Earth County.
Our CLT Charter provides more information about the roles and responsibilities of CLT members. 
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Community Assessment

Because BE WELL is a locally driven initiative where local public health and community partners implement policy, systems and environmental changes to address the specific health needs of our communities, community-specific data are essential to inform our efforts. By conducting a local community health assessment survey via a probability sample survey of adults, we have access to data about Blue Earth County adult health behaviors related to BE WELL goals.

Blue Earth County Health Needs Assessment, Fall 2016
Blue Earth County Health Needs Assessment Trend Report (2010, 2013, & 2016 Adult Surveys)
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