High Priority Areas For Preservation

Comprehensive wetland protection and management plans developed as part of county, watershed district, or watershed management organization plan may identify those areas that qualify as high-priority areas for wetland preservation, enhancement, restoration, and establishment according to the Wetland Conservation Act, Minnesota Rules Chapter 8420.0835.
Minnesota Rules Chapter 8420.0835 HIGH-PRIORITY REGIONS AND AREAS.
Subpart 1. High-priority regions.

Parts of the state that are high-priority regions for preservation, enhancement, restoration, and establishment of wetlands include all major watersheds with a majority of their land area contained within counties that have lost 50 percent or more of their presettlement wetland base…
The percentage of presettlement wetlands acres determines how some Wetland Conservation Act provisions are applied. Blue Earth County is located in an area of the state with the greatest wetland losses; more than 50 percent of presettlement wetlands. According to published reports by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Minnesota has lost more than 80% of presettlement wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region which includes Blue Earth County.