Ministerial Credentials

Before a minister is authorized to perform marriages within Minnesota, they must file their credentials of license or ordination with a local registrar within the state of Minnesota.

For religious denominations who do not require their officiants to be ordained or licensed, statute allows a letter of authorization from their church leaders authorizing that individual to perform marriages for their spiritual assembly.

It is suggested that the original document (ordination or letter authorizing) be submitted to the office for the local registrar to make a copy of that original and attach it to the certificate of filing. The submitter needs to read and sign the certificate of filing. Only original signatures are accepted, not copies of a signed certificate filing. If the minister would like to do this process through the mail and does not want to submit their original document through the mail, they must make a copy of their credentials or letter of authorization, attach it to the original certificate of filing form, complete the form, and submit both to the local registrar for filing.

The certificate of filing form may be printed. Return completed form and fee to Blue Earth County Vital Records at 410 S. Fifth Street, PO Box 3524, Mankato, MN  56002-3524.  A person must be 21 years or older to perform marriages in Minnesota. The fee to file your credentials is $50 effective September 1, 2015.   Note: Prices are subject to change.