Election Judge Training

Training Details

Certification to serve as an election judge will require you to view online training videos from the Secretary of State and Blue Earth County. Links to the videos are provided below.

After you apply and are accepted as an Election Judge, you will get an email with information for completing the county's online training. Once all training videos are completed, including the Secretary of State's online training, the County will automatically be notified.

The County's training includes evaluations - a series of questions, followed by either a multiple choice or true/false responses. All questions must be answered correctly in order to receive your certification. If at any time a question is answered incorrectly on a page, you will be prompted to review the presentation and retry that section again.

Your training certification will be sent to the clerk who hired you.

Election judges will be paid three hours for training. This should be documented on the first timesheet you receive. Please be aware that if you do NOT work an election, you will not receive payment for training.

Election Judge Information

Head Judge and Election Judge Details (keep information for reference)

Election Judge Training Videos
Secretary of State Election Judge Video
Blue Earth County Election Judge Videos

Election Judge Certification

Once you apply for and are accepted as an election judge, you will receive information regarding the Election Judge training and certification.

2016 Election Judge Guides

Secretary of State Website
Secretary of State Election Judge Website
Election Judge Guide
Election Judge Workbook

Copies of Election Judge Guides may also be obtained from Blue Earth County Elections.