Election Judge Training

Training Details

Certification to serve as an Election Judge in Blue Earth County requires you to complete training. To begin this process, learn more about becoming an Election Judge and apply here.

After you apply and are accepted as an Election Judge, you will get an email with information for completing the county's training. Sometimes that email goes to spam or junk folders, so please watch for it. It will come from an email that ends with ...@moduselections.com. Once all training is completed, we will communicate with you about your Election Day assignment location to work as an Election Judge.
The County's training includes several modules with videos and corresponding questions. All questions must be answered correctly in order to receive your certification. If at any time a question is answered incorrectly on a page, you will be prompted to review the presentation and retry that section's questions. 

After the online training, you'll be able to complete the optional in-person portion of the training, called the Election Judge Capstone, which is designed to re-enforce the most important concepts and practices our Election Judges need to know. It's specific to Blue Earth County and covers Election Judge duties, demonstrates some of our elections equipment, and much more. We're making it optional as a way to respect health concerns in the current health pandemic, and we're also taking steps to keep that in-person class as safe as possible.

Election Judge Certification and Pay

Your training certification will be sent to the clerk who hired you or will be provided to you no later than when you report to your assigned polling place on Election Day.

Election judges are paid for training if you able and willing to serve on Election Day. This should be documented on the first time sheet you receive. Please be aware that if you do NOT work an election, you may not receive payment for training.

Election Judge Materials 

Here are the 2020 training modules (note, viewing these materials is not a substitute for the official training):
 Here are the presentation slides for the Election Judge Capstone in-person training sessions.

Head Election Judge Materials 

Our leaders in the Polling Place, called Head Judges, complete additional training:

Health Care Facility Materials 

For elections in 2020, we are able to train eligible staff of Health Care Facilities to provide voting assistance to residents of those facilities. Here is the training for Health Care Facility Staff: 
  • Health Care Facility Voting Assistance Video

Election Clerk Materials 

City, Township, and School District Clerks are the local administrators of their elections. They receive additional training for each election cycle.  Here are the 2020 materials:

Additional Resources and Materials 

Additional Election Judge Training Videos are provided by the Minnesota Secretary of State. 
Secretary of State Election Judge Videos
Secretary of State Website
Secretary of State Election Judge Website
Election Judge Guide
Election Judge Workbook

Copies of Election Judge Guides may also be obtained from Blue Earth County Elections.