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What Is a Feedlot?
A feedlot is an open lot or building intended for feeding, breeding, raising or holding animals where manure may accumulate and vegetative cover cannot be maintained.

Manure storage structures are considered part of a feedlot, but pasture areas where vegetative cover is established are not considered feedlot area.

Feedlot Permits
Blue Earth County administers the State Feedlot Rules through an agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. As a part of this program, a County feedlot permit is required when a feedlot has 10-animal units or more of livestock. To find out more information about feedlot permits or more information about the feedlot rules, please contact Chris Meeks at (507) 304-4381.  

Registered Feedlots in Blue Earth County
Blue Earth County has over 400 registered feedlots and currently ranks in the top three in pig production in the State of Minnesota. Feedlot operations contribute significantly to the economy of Blue Earth County.

In addition, manure from feedlots provide essential nutrients to agricultural crops when handled and applied properly.  Blue Earth County has more restrictive manure application setbacks than required by the MPCA and conducts inspections of land applications to ensure compliance with County and State regulations.

George Leary
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Chris Meeks 
Land Use Specialist-Feedlots         

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Land Use Planner

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