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BE WELL: Schools
icon_schools_no-text_screen.png  Children spend the majority of their waking hours at school where they consume 30 - 60 percent of their daily calories. Schools can, therefore, be a champion in encouraging kids to eat healthy and stay active now, which helps them develop healthy habits that will serve them later in life. Not only does this make for healthier kids (and future adults), but it also helps them to be better learners, through improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

BE WELL partners with schools by focusing on the following elements which become the backbone of a comprehensive and sustainable healthy school environment:
Healthy School Best Practices
* Form a wellness committee
* Complete or update a school health assessment
* Develop or update an action plan
    * NEW School Partners: Apply for BE WELL funding.
    * RETURNING Partners: Apply for BE WELL funding.
       Applications due Oct 31, 2016 for the SY2016-17.
* Implement and evaluate
* Update your wellness policy accordingly
* Sustain efforts

Active School
What is an Active School?

Why Active Schools Matter

Moving Matters: A School Implementation Toolkit from Active Schools Minnesota, an initiative of the MN Department of Education and the MN Department of Health

Active School Initiatives
* Quality Physical Education
Physical Activity during the School Day
     - Active Classrooms
               Let's Get Moving!
     - Active Recess         
* Physical Activity Before/After School, including
     - Safe Routes to School 
Healthy School Food
Why Healthy School Meals Matter

Healthy School Food Initiatives    
* Farm to School: Eating to Learn, Learning to Eat
     Example: Sweet Corn Feed at ISD2071
* Smarter Lunchrooms / A la carte
* Salad Bars to Schools
* Healthy Snacks outside of the school day
     - Concessions
        Example: Concessions Model Policy ISD2071
     - Fundraising
* Healthy Snacks during the school day
     - Snack Carts
     - Classroom rewards or celebrations
     - Healthy Beverages
School-based Agriculture (gardens or orchards)
For more information about how partnering with BE WELL works and for more information about and examples for each of the initiatives listed above, click here.


For more information
To learn more about what BE WELL is doing in Blue Earth County, including how to partner with us or how to get involved in making our communities healthier places to live, feel free to contact us.

Kristen Friedrichs, MA  
(507) 304-4411

Gretchen Bohl
(507) 304-4450

410 S. Fifth Street, Mankato, MN 56001
Mailing address: PO BOX 3526, Mankato, MN 56002

To learn more about what SHIP is doing in the rest of Minnesota, visit the Minnesota Department of Health SHIP webpage.