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BE WELL: Worksites
 BeWell_work_rgb.jpg   Many adults spend the better part of their day at work, so creating or improving healthy options in the workplace is critical to improving health in our community. Additionally, employers that offer a worksite wellness policy or program save money through lower insurance costs, increased productivity, and decreased absenteeism.  

 partners with local worksites to surround employees with healthy options. We do this by focusing on the following elements which become the backbone of a comprehensive and sustainable worksite wellness program:

Fundamental Elements
Leadership support is the cornerstone. The other elements create a strong foundation.
* Leadership Support
* Wellness Committee (staffing)
* Organizational Assessment
* Understanding of Best Practices
* Wellness Brand, Logo and Vision Statement
* Budget
* Written Goals and Measurable Work Plan
* Strategic Communications Plan
* Employee Engagement Plan

Assessment and Work Plan Tools for
* Healthy Workplace Eating
* Breastfeeding Support
* Active Workplace
* Tobacco

Other Worksite Wellness Tools and Forms
Writing S.M.A.R.T. Goals guide
Funding Request form
Funding Reimbursement form
Annual Progress Report form
  Healthy Workplace Eating
Healthy foods are more available and less expensive than unhealthy foods.
* Healthy Eating Policy or Guidelines
* Healthy Vending / Snack Station Options
* Healthy Cafeteria Options
* Healthy Catering Options (meetings / events)
* Healthy Eating Learning Opportunities
* Other Healthy Eating Support

Breastfeeding Support
Employees who are breastfeeding are supported in their efforts to give their baby the best start!
* Create a Designated and Supportive Mother's
* Enact Policies and Practices to Support Mothers
* Educate Managers about How to Support
* Educate Decision Makers on the Business
     Case / ROI
* Share Local Support Resources with Mothers

Active Workplace
Time and places for physical activity.
* Support Opportunities for Physical Activity
     (such as walking meetings, walking routes, 
     active breaks)
* Create Places for Indoor and Outdoor Activity
     (such as bicycle racks, bicycle
     library, standing or treadmill work stations)
* Flexible Scheduling and Dress Code (as able)
* Physical Activity Policy or Guidelines
* Physical Activity Learning Opportunities
* Other Physical Activity Support
Tobacco-free buildings, grounds and company vehicles
* Cessation Support and Learning Opportunities
* Tobacco Quit Medications Benefit
* Tobacco-free Worksite Policy
     (including enforcement procedures)
* Signage


For more information
To learn more about what BE WELL is doing in Blue Earth County, including how to partner with us or how to get involved in making our communities healthier places to live, feel free to contact us.

Kristen Friedrichs, MA  
(507) 304-4411

Gretchen Bohl
(507) 304-4450

410 S. Fifth Street, Mankato, MN 56001
Mailing address: PO BOX 3526, Mankato, MN 56002

To learn more about what SHIP is doing in the rest of Minnesota, visit the Minnesota Department of Health SHIP webpage.