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Wetland Plan - Authority
Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Rules

Authority to prepare a wetland management plan is granted to local government through Minnesota Statute, 103G.2243 and the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act, Minnesota Rules, Chapter 8420.0830.

In accordance with the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act, 8420.0830, “the ultimate goal of a comprehensive wetland protection and management plan is to maintain and improve the quality, quantity, and biological diversity of wetland resources within watersheds through the prioritization of existing wetlands and the strategic selection of replacement sites.”

In accordance with the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act, the purpose of developing a plan is to provide a watershed and ecosystem-based framework to make wetland impact and replacement decisions that meet state standards and locally identified goals and support the sustainability or improvement of wetland resources in watersheds while providing local flexibility.

Notice of Intent
As required by the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act, “a notice of intent to plan must be sent, at the beginning of the planning process, to the technical evaluation panel, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Agriculture, the Pollution Control Agency, watershed management organizations within the plan area, local government units within and adjacent to the plan area, and the St. Paul district office of the United States Army Corps of Engineers with an invitation to actively participate in the development of the plan.”

Blue Earth County prepared an official Notice of Intent sent to all required recipients in 2012. 

Local, state and federal government organizations that are invited to participate in the development of the draft local plan, but declines to do so or fails to participate or to provide written comments during the local review process, waives the right during the review process, except comments concerning consistency of the plan with laws and rules administered by that agency.

The comprehensive wetland protection and management plan must be implemented by ordinance as part of the local government unit's official controls under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 394, for a county and Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 462, for a city.

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