1. Administration

    Learn about how to get various licenses and permits necessary in Blue Earth County.

  2. Board of Commissioners

    View board meeting minutes, schedules, committee information, and more.

  3. County Attorney's Office

    Find out about the duties of the County Attorney and their responsibilities to the County.

  4. Community Corrections

    Find resources, provided services, and client paperwork.

  5. Environmental Services

    Find building and zoning information, learn about lakes, rivers, wetlands, wells, septic systems, and read about garbage disposal and recycling.

  6. District Court

    Access the court's website provided by the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

  7. Facilities Management

  8. Finance

    View financial reports and budgets and apply for direct deposit of funds.

  9. Housing

  10. Human Resources

  11. Human Services / Social Services

    Learn about the various services provided by the department to County residents.

  12. Information Technology

    Read about the functions and mission of the department.

  13. Library

    Visit the Blue Earth County Library's website.

  14. Public Works / Parks

    Discover the parks of the County and obtain road and construction project updates.

  15. Sheriff's Office

  16. Taxpayer Services

    Access divisions, property information, and view available services.

  17. U of M Extension

    View subject matter categories and a team overview for the extension services.

  18. Veterans Services

    Find housing options, access the VA clinic, and view services and benefits offered to veterans.