For Parents

  1. Children's Mental Health

    Find out about what signs to look out for in you child's behavior before consulting with a professional.

  2. Regional Immunization Registry

    Stay up to date with information from the regional immunization registry.

  3. Women Infant & Children (WIC)

    Access support and help with breastfeeding, one-on-one counseling about nutrition, nutrition education, vouchers to buy healthy foods and help with referrals to other health and social services.

  4. Child Support

    Learn about the different child support services offered by the Human Services Department.

  5. Child Protective Services

    View information about the types of services offered to Blue Earth County residents.

  6. Health Care Programs

    Explore information about the various health care programs available to Blue Earth County residents.

  7. Food Programs

    Obtain information about the food programs offered by the County.

  8. Cash Assistance Programs

    Search for information regarding the adult and family cash assistance programs.