Tax Forfeiture

Tax-Forfeited Parcels

Tax-forfeited parcels are properties on which delinquent property taxes were not paid, title to the land and buildings was forfeited, and title is now vested in the State of Minnesota. Following a review period and in accordance with Minnesota State law, these properties are classified and open to the public to purchase.

All property is sold as is and may not conform to local building and zoning ordinances.

The county makes no warranty that the land is suitable for building. All sales are final, and no refunds or exchanges are permitted. We highly recommend that you thoroughly research any tax-forfeited parcels before purchase. 
Upcoming Tax Sale - August 22, 2017

Notice of Public Sale - Click Here to View Parcel List & Terms
Additional Terms of the Public Sale
*Please note parcel R40. has been removed from the public sale on August 22, 2017.
                                           Open House July 26 & August 17, 2017
R49.22.32.300.002 51022 100th St., Amboy, MN 56010 9:00-10:00
R11. 331 E Maine St., Amboy, MN 56010 10:30-11:30
R19. 200 N West St., Vernon Center, MN 56090 12:00-1:00
R19. 105 N West St., Vernon Center, MN 56090 1:00-2:00
R48.13.04.478.006 19172 Rapidan Ave., Mankato, MN 56001 2:30-3:30

Open House Information
Interested Parties Mailing List
You may be added to an interested parties mailing list for updates related to tax-forfeited properties. Please complete the Tax Forfeiture Mailing List form to be added to the list for the next sale. Updates may be provided in writing or via email. You must re-register for each sale as the list is deleted following each mailing.