Real Estate Recordings

  1. Laredo / Tapestry

    Read how to access records through Laredo and Tapestry.

  2. Deed Tax

    Locate information about deed taxes and when you are required to pay.

  3. Recording Fees

    Discover the fees for abstracting, torrens, recording, and other county services.

  4. Property Fraud Alert

    Learn what property fraud is and how to protect yourself from it.

  5. Mortgage Registration Tax

    Read about the mortgage registration tax and how it may apply to you.

  6. Real Estate Records Search

    Search and view Blue Earth County real estate records.

  7. Forms

    Locate where to obtain forms and find help completing them, if necessary.

  8. Certificate of Real Estate Value

    Learn when a certificate is needed and how to file one.

  9. Well Certificates

    Locate information about well certificates and if you are required to have one.

  10. Checklist for Recording of Documents

    Review the checklists before you submit your documents.

  11. Abstract / Torrens

    Find out about abstracts and torrens, including a listing of fees.

  12. E-Recording

    Take advantage of this technology to save time and money.

  13. Make a Payment Online