Sheriff's Office

About Us

The Sheriff's Office of Blue Earth County is an integral part of the County's system of justice. As the chief law enforcement authority in the County, the sheriff is charged with the duty to "keep and preserve the peace of his county, for which purpose he may call to his aid such persons or power of his county as he deems necessary." 

Responsibilities & Services

To fulfill this responsibility, the Sheriff's Office renders many services to the residents of Blue Earth County. Among these are the pursuit and apprehension of all persons who have committed felonies, investigation of crimes and accidents in cooperation with the County Attorney's Office, searching for missing persons, patrolling county roads and lakes, and providing traffic control. The Sheriff's Office also acts in the serving of warrants, commitments, and court orders and processes orders of the court as they relate to civil litigation and other legal processes.

Mission Statement

The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the professional administration and enforcement of all federal, state and local laws as well as being responsible for the provision of other law enforcement services to the public. Our organizational objective is fulfilled through the objective, considerate and sensitive application of services, which are provided by a well-trained staff of Deputies, Custody Officers, Communications Officers and Support Staff who are individually committed to excellence. The Sheriff's Office insists the following characteristics permeate the entire organization and consequently reflect its dominant personality:

: We value the fundamental right of every individual to be treated with respect and dignity as a human being regardless of our individual or collective relationship with them. We, furthermore, value the confidence the public has entrusted in us for providing law enforcement service to them.

INTEGRITY: Honesty and moral courage guide us in our relations with all others and it enables us to serve the highest moral and ethical standards. Pride in what we do is reflective in our professional appearance and the degree of integrity we possess on and off duty.

CARING: As public servants, it is incumbent on us to treat all people with compassion, respect, sincerity and courtesy. Although specific circumstances may dictate strong authority, we need always to strive to treat others as we would like to be treated.

SERVICE: The application of Sheriff's Office policies and procedures are paramount when providing service to individuals, other community organizations or other law enforcement agencies, as well as showing good work ethics.

TEAMWORK: The subordination of personal or functional prominence is essential for effective teamwork to prevail with the Sheriff's Office. A cooperative, courteous working relationship within the department, with other county departments, with the community and with other law enforcement agencies will provide for the optimum service desired by all.